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The official Dgraph documentation has moved to

Users 8 links

Get Started
Get started with Dgraph here.
Overview of Dgraph describing what to expect from the database.
Frequently asked questions
Notable questions and facts about the database.
Dgraph compared to other databases
Summarizes the similarities and differences between Dgraph and other databases.
Detailed guide through the process of deploying Dgraph.
Query Language
Understand how to run queries over Dgraph.
A note on Dgraph performance.
Implementations of Dgraph clients in several languages.

Contributors 4 links

Contributing to Dgraph
How to effectively contribute to Dgraph.
Joining Dgraph team
Things to know if you plan to join Dgraph full time.
Design concepts
Dgraph design concepts explained.
Communication channels
Get together with your fellow community members for a good chat.

Other open source products 2 links

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